Monday, November 06, 2017

Eternal Word

Eternal Word
Creator of time and space
God says - it is
Exact Image
Perfect Representation
Re-creation enabled
Firstborn among many to follow
New creations
in Christ

Eternal Word
Come to dwell
God with us

Eternity invades time
Eternal Word
made flesh
for us

(c) 2017 Brian David Kelley

Monday, September 25, 2017

When the Walls Fell

When the Walls fell
The horns were blowing
And there was a yell
After Israel’s going
Round the city

When the bricks crashed
The trumpets sounded
With the towers dashed
All the stones were grounded
Round the city

But it wasn’t the rumbling
It wasn’t the band
That resulted in crumbling
Of the walls into sand

It was all from the promise
From the grace of the Word
And the vow still applies
To all those who have heard

For there are no walls
That God can’t breach
There are no captives
That He can’t reach
There is no fortress
No castle no cave
From which God is
Unable to save

This hope is built
On stronger stuff
Because God is
ALWAYS enough

(c) 2017 Brian David Kelley - inspired by Joshua 6

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hello God

Hello God


Hello God  Are You there? Really listening?
Have you gone away?  Is there something that you’re missing
Do you hear my cry? Do you feel my pain?
Please tell me why. Am I praying in vain?

I’m feeling lost, empty in desperation
Can’t handle the cost, can’t deal with my situation
Carry the weight, carry the burden
Don’t make me wait - oh God I’m hurting!

Take it Away. Take it Away. Take it Away
Please take it away. Take it away,  take me away

I know your pain I too have been abandoned
Beaten and shamed, left all alone and stranded
Nailed to a tree, naked and lonely
My God, My God! Why have you forsaken Me?!

Treated like dirt, all who I love departed
I know you’re hurt, I have been brokenhearted
I know your pain, I hear your cry
To redeem you I came,to redeem you I died


Hi, this is God  Yes - I am really listening

© 2017 Brian David Kelley