Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The One Remains

When the direction is unclear
there remains the One
who is Himself the Way

When the path is closed
there remains the One
who is Himself the Door

When the thirst remains unquenched
there remains the One
who is Himself living Water

When the start and end goes bad
there remains the One
who is Himself the Beginning and the End

When the words fail
there remains the One
who is Himself The Word

When breath ceases
there remains the One
who is Himself the Resurrection and the Life

When we feel alone and abandoned
there remains the One
who is Himself - Immanuel - God with us"

There remains the great self-existing One
with you until the end of the age

There is One who always remains

(c) Brian Kelley 2018-12-16

Death and Passing

We call it a passing - but such an odd use of this word.

A pass can mean to deny the use of something. "I'll pass on that dessert."

It can mean the successful completion of a test and a contrast to failure.

It can also mean a permission to go somewhere that is normally forbidden. Like the school pass that allows you to be in the corridors when everyone else must be in class. Or in its national form, to allow you to move from one country into another.

But when we say that someone has passed we often add an adverb. Usually either "on" or "away".

One shows the perspective of the one who has passed. It is to another place. The other shows the perspective of those who remain behind. The person is now "away"

But perhaps this passing is the great permission to be where, until now, it was forbidden to be. Perhaps this passing is also the successful completion of a test.

For thse who remain, the "away" is felt deeply. But  the one who has passed sees this event from the other side.

I mourn not for the one who has passed on. I mourn for those who experience it as the passing "away".

(c) Brian Kelley 2018-12-16 

Friday, November 30, 2018

The Final Step

Thoughts on "Ewigkeitssonntag"

The final step is taken alone
The final door is entered without another
No life partner, no parent, no child, no friend, no lover
The last step is walked unaccompanied

Alone, except for the One who created, called and cares
I know that my Redeemer lives
And not even death can separate me from His undying love

(c) 2018 Brian David Kelley

Photo: Kevin Schraer: Creative Commons 2.0

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Hello God! (are you really listening?)

A song I wrote for when we ask 

Hello God??  
Are you there??
Are you listening??

Hello God

Hello God  Are You there? Really listening?
Have you gone away?  Is there something that you’re missing
Do you hear my cry? Do you feel my pain?
Please tell me why. Am I praying in vain?

I’m feeling lost, empty in desperation
Can’t handle the cost, can’t deal with my situation
Carry the weight, carry the burden
Don’t make me wait - oh God I’m hurting!

Take it Away.. Take it Away
Please take it away,  take me away

I know your pain I too have been abandoned
Beaten and shamed, left all alone and stranded
Nailed to a tree, naked and lonely
My God, My God! Why have you forsaken Me?!

Treated like dirt, all who I love departed
I know you’re hurt, I have been brokenhearted
I know your pain, I hear your cry
To redeem you I came,to redeem you I died

Hi, this is God  Yes - I am really listening

© 2017 Brian David Kelley

Sunday, September 23, 2018


Some calls go unheard
Overwhelmed by the external
Objscts blocking ears
Phones too distant to apprehend

Some calls are muted
Disturbance unallowed
Vibration perhaps
to note an unrequited greeting

Some calls are ignored
Awaiting the cessation
Actively denying

Some calls are blocked
Sent to spam
Still birth removal

We dont cause the calls
But ours is to determine